JAM & ALL Interfaith, Inc. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering understanding, social harmony, and peace through dialogue, multicultural interaction and educational projects.

We envision a world where all human beings acknowledge each other as equals, regardless of race, nationality, religion or gender, and we see JAM as part of a worldwide response moving to create this paradigm. We recognize that although there are differences and distinctions among the peoples of this planet, fundamentally we are share a basic humanity. As we learn about, respect and celebrate our differences, we also discover the many commonalities shared by our respective traditions.

Believing deeply in humanity’s ability to create, experience and integrate transformational change, we choose to help bring forth a new era of healing and cooperation based on education, compassion and connection. JAM is working to cultivate this inclusivity locally and beyond, and to that end sponsors and participates in activities which support and expand our mission.

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1st Board Meeting 2014